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Manage your Apps in your phone (aka uninstalling unwanted apps?)

You may have installed a lot of apps in your phone by now, and you would like to manage them (i.e. UNINSTALL the boring ones) So how can you do that? Go to your SETTINGS page. (And in case you have forgotten how, here’s the page http://thenerdguide.com/2010/07/01/access-the-settings-screen/) Scroll and select ‘Applications’ Under this selection, you […]


Setting Up E-Mail

There are 2 E-mail application that is available in the default Android system. Google Mail (GMail) Set up your Google Mail (aka GMail aka xxx@gmail.com) in this app. From The Android Guide understanding, most of the phone version are Version 2.1 onwards, which supports multiple GMail account set up. When you first gotten the phone, […]


Setting up Internet access

Having a smartphone means that you would like be connected to the internet always, so you can check your e-mail, Facebook, twitter, browse the web as and when you wish. There is 2 ways of connection, either via WiFi or GPRS Wireless Internet Access (WiFi) Go the Settings page (Click here to find out how […]


Access the ‘SETTINGS’ screen

This is one of the most important components of your phone as most of the essential set up or configuration will be done here. There are generally 2 ways to access the ‘Settings’ screen. From the Home Screen 1. Selecting the ‘Menu’ button (where a pop up comes from the bottom of the screen) 2. […]


Welcome to Android!

Thank you and welcome to your very first Android phone! This could be the first time you heard about the word ?Android?, but you may have seen the icon in newspaper, especially in the phone ads by the telcos with the latest promotion. This is the Android platform by Google and widely available in many […]