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Sponsored Video: Samsung presents… Galaxy NOTE II

When Samsung Galaxy Note launched in 2011, there were skeptics and nay-sayers that questioned whether the 5.3 inch “phablet” will be a success. Afterall, who will be in the right mind to carry such a huge phone around? However, the market forces had proven these skeptics and nay-sayers wrong. More than 10 million devices has been […]

1 Tablet 3 Smartphones by Motorola at CES 2011, "WOWed" the crowd!

Motorola CES 2011 (1 of 4) Products – Motorola XOOM CLICK this line for next “Awesome” Device by Motorola at CES 2011! Motorola XOOM Tablet – The World's First Android 3.0 “True” Honeycomb Tablet! viagra uk purchase Motorola XOOM is the first table with a dual-core processor and Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) powerful Google software developed […]