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Control your Android phone just by speaking using Voice Actions

Google have recently updated its ‘Voice search’ where you can control your Android phone just by speaking! This is an updated and improved version of the voice search function that is currently available in your Android phone. This ‘Voice Search’ allows you to: Send text messages Listen to music Get directions Send email View a […]


Manage your Apps in your phone (aka uninstalling unwanted apps?)

You may have installed a lot of apps in your phone by now, and you would like to manage them (i.e. UNINSTALL the boring ones) So how can you do that? Go to your SETTINGS page. (And in case you have forgotten how, here’s the page Scroll and select ‘Applications’ Under this selection, you […]


Setting Up E-Mail

There are 2 E-mail application that is available in the default Android system. Google Mail (GMail) Set up your Google Mail (aka GMail aka in this app. From The Android Guide understanding, most of the phone version are Version 2.1 onwards, which supports multiple GMail account set up. When you first gotten the phone, […]


Setting up Internet access

Having a smartphone means that you would like be connected to the internet always, so you can check your e-mail, Facebook, twitter, browse the web as and when you wish. There is 2 ways of connection, either via WiFi or GPRS Wireless Internet Access (WiFi) Go the Settings page (Click here to find out how […]


Choosing selection: Options & Context Menu

Choosing Options When you are using the Android phone, there are times where you need to select certain options to perform some actions, such as ‘File’, ‘Edit’ etc. Is there something similar to Android where there is a menu for us to choose options to perform on the screen we are viewing? The answer is… […]